Louisiana Driver's License,  Identification Cards & Handicap Hang Tags
Can I renew my DL or ID if it is expired?

How much does it cost?
Fees vary depending on age, expiration, and endorsements. There is a $15 late fee if expired for more than 10 days.  No late fee on IDs.

Can I change my address on my DL/ID?
Yes.  You MUST bring proof of residency in order to change your address.

Can I renew, change my address, or downgrade my CDL?
No.  At this time, anything pertaining to a CDL must go to a field location.

I lost my DL/ID.  Can you issue me a duplicate?
Yes.  You will need to know your Social Security Number to verify previous pictures and identity.

Do I have to take another picture?
Yes.  We cannot use your previous picture.  PLEASE NOTE:  You will have to take off hats, sunglasses, head accessories (except for religious or medical reasons).

Do I need to bring anything?
You will need proof of auto insurance if you own a vehicle. You will be required to pass an eye exam for DL issuance, including duplicates.

Can you issue a first time DL?
No.  Initial issuance including a learner's permit must be obtained from a field location.

Can you issue a first time ID card?
If you have a Louisiana DL, then we can issue a first time ID card.  If you have never had Louisiana identification then you would have to go to a field location for initial issuance.

Can you convert a permit into a driver's license?
Yes, pending you have the following criteria;
-Certificate of successful completion from an approved Driver's Education School (Must be in a sealed/unopened envelope).
-Birth Certificate
-Social Security Card (if available to you),
-if under 18, a Certificate of Required School Attendance indicating enrollment or high school diploma
-Parent listed on birth certificate must be present with their DL or ID (If under 18).  Custody documents showing domiciliary parent must be presented if parents are divorced.

I just moved to Louisiana.  Can you change my out of state license to Louisiana?
No. You must go to a field location for issuance. PLEASE NOTE: If your most recent DL is out of state (even if you have had a Louisiana DL before), you will still have to go to a field location.

Can you issue the new REAL ID compliant DL/ID cards?
No.  Not at this time.  Please click HERE for more information pertaining the REAL ID.

Can you issue a new handicap hang tag?
Yes.  New issuance requires Certification of Mobility Impairment completed and signed by Physician and your Driver's License/State ID Card for proof of identity.  Please click HERE for the form.  PLEASE NOTE:  Form must be signed within 60 days of coming to our office for issuance. Insurance not required for hang tags.

Can you issue a hardship DL?
No.  You must go to a field location.

Can I pay a ticket or fine?
With the exception of a "NO INSURANCE" flag, tickets, suspensions, notice of violations and/or fines must be paid at a field location.

Can I pay a flag for no insurance?
Yes.  Our office can clear flags for no insurance with the exception of a notice of violation (green ticket).  For your Reinstatement Status, click HERE.