Bill of Sale
To complete a motor vehicle act of sale, you will need to have the following;

A valid and current title of the vehicle.  This is an official document issued by the state where the vehicle was purchased and typically contains a section to transfer ownership.  The title is NOT the same as the registration or the bill of sale that may have accompanied the vehicle when you purchased it.  Note:  where their is a lien against the vehicle, as is the case when money is borrowed for the purchase, the lien holder, typically a bank, will have the title.  Typically the title is not released until that debt has been satisfied.  If your vehicle is financed, check with the lender about how to obtain the title.

Proof of identity.  A valid drivers license is best but other forms of identity can include a current passport or a state-issued id card.  Birth certificates or id cards not officially issued by the state are not acceptable forms of identification.

Method of payment.  While the exchange of funds is not a function of our services, typically the seller will expect payment on-the-spot since the completion of the act of sale legally transfers ownership immediately.  Please review the method of payment with the buyer before arriving to execute the act of sale.